MEGADROUGHT – Could Begin in Eight Years

(Bruce Melton, Truthout, 21 February 2013)
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Dry periods, which we normally refer to as drought times today, would be superimposed on top of the megadrought extremeness. . . . The results of the new research are critically deserving of an alarmist tone. That we could slip into profound continuous drought so soon is certainly a surprise to most of us, to say the least. The typical consensus opinion of unrestrained climate pollution impacts by the year 2100 only tells us that permanent drought will come to many parts of the world and, basically, that dry areas could become drier. The news that we could be experiencing permanent drought on the scale of megadrought proportions – beginning in only eight years – should be considered a global threat of the highest order. . . . The new models have more grid squares (higher resolution) in that they can “see” a smaller piece of the earth compared to the old models. The old models took forever to run on supercomputers, and so do the new ones, but we can see smaller areas and smaller scale climate processes are better represented now. The new models also include volcanoes, changes in the sun’s strength and more complex interactions between clouds and pollutants like nitrous oxides and sulfur dioxides (both manmade and natural), and their results agree better with observations of our past climate. . . . The results of the new scenarios and most current modeling (as compared to the old scenarios and models) are that warming is greater, drying in dry areas is greater and increasing wetness in wet areas increases further.


  1. Truth Said,

    March 5, 2013 @ 9:03 am

    The UN recently came out with a report stating all the models for climate change or global warming were widely exaggerated and proven to be false.

    I’m pretty tired of you enviromentalists thinking your helping the planet but your just making it harder for humans to live. These superdroughts as u call it have happened before, and will continue to happen.

    I know you like feeling good inside when you act like you know how to take care of the planet but just stop, your only fooling yourself.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I judge a person’s level of education by their use of language and ability to use spell check. “Your” as used above should be “you’re” or “you are”. But simple minded people are welcome to their own opinions too, I guess.]

  2. Keith Jackson Said,

    March 21, 2013 @ 10:23 am

    You know, I’ve been arguing with both my parents over this for awhile now. My dad is a 60-year-old career military man. Being a Mormon (and actual knowing his faith) his classical education, as well as being a sentimental and compassionate fellow are his redeeming qualities, he is a good man. My mother, well she’s a character, and she raised me to question authority, sometimes I think she regrets this now.
    Both believe that global warming is a fear tactic, part of the global corporate agenda for a one world government. Which isn’t totally off base, but because they won’t look at all the facts, its hard for them to see that sometimes the best traps set for the masses are the ones set with a grain of truth.
    Before you call bullshit, go to and check out “Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.” It is terrifying! Half or more of there objectives have already been completed, such as “peace keeping machinery.” Just like Obama, groomed from birth to lead us all marching to hell thinking all the while he’s our savior, these plans our government has are always painted in the light of supposed peace and public interest. When the underlying principles are control, and the bottom line. In any case, it clearly states the objective to put the UN at the top of world government and to dissolve the US government there in. Further more, this glorious UN New World Order, will strip us of whats left of our “de-mock-racy,” and we will no longer have any say in our civil liberties (like we have any now, we can’t afford to loose more ground in this respect), our right to give a damn about this beautiful garden that we were meant to be the stewards of, and our right to peacefully strive for a better society. With Obama’s modifications to our first amendment rights (strictly prohibited by the constitution I might add), FEMA appointed as Obama’s Civil National Police Force (Hitlers SS anyone?), and 800 fully renovated, staffed and operation WW2 internment camps across the U.S. just waiting to be filled with American voices of dissent, we are out of time to play politics or convince authoritarians such as yourself that we are in big trouble in every sense of the word.
    Now, though its been clearly shown the whole universe is actually heating up, and it has been shown that earth has gone up and down in temperature over the ages, neither of these things discount the facts of our self-destructive behavior, increasing population, and blatant disregard for life.
    Our water supply is owned by the government, they actually own the rain water! This is one of the many difficulties that Earthships face. You aren’t allowed to collect and use rain water, because they need it to drain into municipal wells so they can poison it and sell it back to us.
    Obama’s little posse and the UN, they all have there agendas. And like David Ike said, it isn’t a conspiracy, its just about the bottom line, keeping the workers working, more, for longer, for cheaper, and increasing profits. Greed and hunger for power guides the elite in their game for personal gain through global exploitation. To think that the UN or anyone of these corporate CEO’s that make our environmental regulations, or lobby to keep the war on drugs going (in spite of the fact that 3/4’s of the population know its a total sham) is going to tell the truth or work for the best interests of the rest of us down here at the bottom squabbling over their scraps is just ignorant.
    You told Lorenzo “to just stop, your only fooling yourself.” Why do you care? Why does it bother you so much that there are people in the world who can see we have important work to do if we are going to leave a better world for our grandchildren and their grandchildren. The facts are clear, “we are the meteor” as Lorenzo said in podcast 1. Maybe you should take a look at yourself and figure out why selfless people bug you so much. They used to bug me too, I realize now, what bothered me was that I wasn’t living up to my own expectations of what is just and right in a world gone wrong.
    I finally got up the nerve to send some select podcasts to the old man. When I asked my mom (they’re divorced) what reason my father might have to cling so blindly to an obviously corrupt system, in the face of facts, and the seemingly endless list of innocent victims of the many wars America has waged on the world and its own citizens. She replied, “Denial. If I deny it, it doesn’t exist, as long as it doesn’t exist, I don’t have to do anything.” This is the best explanation I’ve heard for all the good people out there who want to cling to “the good old days” that never were, and pretend that we aren’t at a turning point in history.
    I’m 28 now, and the father of a three year old who has already been victimized by the war on drugs because her mother decided that the truth was to much responsibility and over dosed in front of her while I was incapacitated with bi-lateral calcanious

  3. Keith Jackson Said,

    March 21, 2013 @ 10:30 am

    bi-lateral calcaneus fractures and three fractured disks in my back across town. She (my daughter Laura) has shown me that though I’ve always been a compassionate and loving person, I fall short of the mark by a long shot. I strive to love all of this world, good, bad, and ugly, as much as I love her. If we all pitch in, these kids just might have a future worth having. I hope this love finds you and opens your heart, that you might hear the cries of our great mother Gaia, and join us in building a better world, based on one thing “nurturing the spiritual and intellectual growth of all things” or more simply put Love. Much love Lorenzo, you are like the grandpa I never had.

  4. Keith Jackson Said,

    March 21, 2013 @ 11:02 am

    SORRY!! Last thing, wish I’d of processed my reaction to this guys statement more before I posted anything at all.
    We can argue back and forth about how much humans are affecting global warming, the fact is, the earth is heating up, the whole universe in fact…… I’m just saying, it’s causing and is going to cause, more problems. Being the wastiods we are and doing what we are doing because that is the way we’ve been doing it, is nothing more than refusal to grow. Seriously, 20th century people, double exponential growth, industrial x technological with an adolescent species at the wheel…
    The only hope for the future is the one we carve out of the present, and what a gift it is this time in our history. Filled with possibilities, bursting with untapped potential for a radical evolution of paradigm.

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