It’s Official: The White House “Drug Czar” is a Moron

Stephen C. Webster,, April 25, 2012()
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[COMMENT by Lorenzo: As you already know, Mr. Obama told bald faced lies about his intention to leave medical marijuana patients alone. He has been even worse than Little Bush in attacking dispensaries and patients. But look who he has for a “Drug Czar”. The man (and his boss) are completely ignorant about cannabis and hemp. . . . The only person running for President who understands this issue is Ron Paul.]

In a recent response to a White House petition, President Barack Obama’s drug czar warned of danger in the domestic production of industrial hemp, drawing a stunned reaction from the petition’s author, who told Raw Story on Wednesday that it was “like getting hit in the head with a hammer.” . . . The claim by former Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske, his second response to a marijuana-related White House petition, is not surprising as it reflects current U.S. policy toward marijuana. It is, however, simply not true that THC in hemp poses any sort of potential for abuse, as it is impossible to become “high” from ingesting the plant. . . . Tom Murphy, author of the White House petition and national outreach coordinator for advocacy group Vote Hemp, told Raw Story that he was stunned by Kerlikowske’s response, which he said came only after he’d repeatedly followed-up with them for months. . . . “I’m really at a loss as to why they sat on this for seven months before releasing a one paragraph response,” Murphy said, noting that he’d even previously met with administration officials to brief them what hemp is. ”It’s really quite stunning. It’s stunning like getting hit in the head with a hammer.” . . . hemp food products are legal in the U.S. today. After President George W. Bush’s Drug Enforcent Agency (DEA) issued a blanket order in 2001 banning all foods with even trace amounts of THC, Vote Hemp fought back and won before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in a unanimous ruling (PDF) that recognized the distinct differences between marijuana and hemp. Unfortunately for reform advocates, that same level of nuance was completely absent from Kerlikowske’s petition response. . . . “They didn’t even respond to our petition,” Eric Steenstra, president of Vote Hemp, told Raw Story. “Their response was about marijuana. They’d already responded to other petitions about marijuana. We aren’t asking them to allow anybody to grow marijuana. It’s insulting and ridiculous they’re not even willing to acknowledge the fact that hemp is not marijuana.” . . . He added that “it’s really frustrating” to have published a successful petition on the site, only to get a response that was “a joke.”

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