In Goddess We Trust: America’s Spiritual Crossroads

(Andrew Gurevich, Reality Sandwich)
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Movements like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street show that Americans are engulfed in a revolution of thought. When the ideological systems and institutions of a nation no longer serve the needs of the people, it is incumbent on the people to redefine and restructure them. Many Americans feel that there is a spiritual bankruptcy evident among all of the “white noise” and fundamentalism that currently pass for civic discourse. Understandably, as the world moves into unprecedented environmental, economic and geopolitical upheaval, people turn to spiritual matters to ease their fears and provide them with a sense of unshakable purpose. But one definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. A case can be made that our solely patriarchal ideas about the transcendent have been responsible for many of the ills currently facing our society. Perhaps what is needed is a reaffirmation of allegiance not to our nation’s God, but to our nation’s forgotten Goddess: Columbia, the Great Dove, the Maiden Martyr. . . . In essence, the Goddess is the personification of the totality of the brain’s creative and critical faculties. She represents the limitless potentiality of our individual and collective minds. As such, she has traditionally taken many forms but remains the same primary principle. . . . In any of the traditions in which she appears, including the American one, she is the symbol of life, change and unlimited potential. In America, she is the personification of Liberty, Justice and New Life. . . . New research in neuropsychology, evolutionary biology and child development has shown that Western Civilization has been suffering from a several-thousand-year-long hallucination. Many of these scientists are claiming that, for a number of reasons, we have become a dangerously left-hemisphere dominant society. Modern civilization is suffering mightily from this extreme dominance of the rational, intellectual mind. This imbalance, suggests Dr. Paul Levy, “creates a one-sidedness that seemingly disconnects us from nature from empathy, and from ourselves.” . . . These researchers are suggesting that for society to survive and reinvent itself in new and meaningful ways, it must somehow quickly and completely shift its perspective and rethink the social institutions and beliefs that have brought us to the brink of collapse. We must immediately shift into a right hemisphere perspective and define our culture along the lines of empathy and compassion instead of narcissism and competition or we will not survive. A return to the embodied Image of the Goddess might be the only thing capable of initiating such a monumental paradigm shift. As the embodiment of the right hemisphere’s spiritual faculty, she does not need to be officially recognized in laws and decrees. Her laws are not written in books or official mottos but visible in the changing of the seasons, the pathways of the constellations and, it turns out, in the very DNA of who we are as a nation, and as a species. . . . Psychologist Rollo May believes Nietzsche is right. “Our powerful hunger for myth is a hunger for community. The person without a myth is a person without a home, and one would indeed clutch for other cultures to find some place at some time a ‘mythic womb.'” Myths are original revelations of the preconscious psyche. Dr. May suggests myths are “involuntary statements about unconscious psychic happenings.” . . . Humanity is at one of its most incendiary crossroads. We know that our definitions and cultural institutions must change to serve the needs and anxieties of the emerging world but how that change must occur and what new foundational principles it should be based on are still unclear. It seems the goals of Industrialism, Colonialism and Philosophical Dualism have left us battered and assaulted as a species. Gone is our connection to the earth and the changing seasons. Gone is our sense of camaraderie with the other species of the biota. No longer do we keenly, intuitively, feel loyalty and brotherhood towards one another. . . . To worship the Goddess politically is to acknowledge and protect the “Commons” and to expand them to include education, health care, safe food, clean water and sustainable economic opportunity for all. When we stop taking more than we need, we will have more for those in need. The Goddess has suffered thousands of years of neglect, abuse and ridicule. We have burned her skin, drained her blood, cut her Old Growth forests, and polluted her rivers, streams and oceans. The glorious menagerie of her infinite forms has been forever diminished by our selfishness, greed and pathological forgetfulness. But she remains still. Ready and able to regenerate herself and all life that she sustains. This is the real power of the Goddess. . . . Goddess “worship,” it must be stressed, is an ancient technology meant to trigger the empathic drives of our collective right hemispheres. This is not about joining a religion or passing new laws. This does not cost any money or even require anybody to change worldviews or political affiliations. This is about recognizing that life is precious and sacred and that by increasing the dignity and freedom of all living things, we increase our own. The Goddess is the symbol of our highest responsibility to one another. . . . And monotheists (especially Jews, Christians and Muslims): it is time to recognize that yours are not the only voices in the room. Your masculine deity shares in the creative power of the Universe and is indeed an important part of defining who we most deeply are. Your scriptures are language-bound, legal codes that present you with the image of a masculine god who is both your father and husband. Clearly this is a metaphor for the creative and critical faculties of the left hemisphere, filtered through the lens of ego and asserting itself in the world. It is time for you to also embrace the other side of your spiritual mind and engage the Goddess as both your metaphorical mother and wife, and to see her not in the legal codes and scriptures of the left brain but in the world in which she resides. You must remember that even your God was born of the Great Mother, because it is in this formulation that your right hemisphere peace centers will be triggered and your perception of the world inevitably changed for the better.

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    My dad was on the Trieste. Did you know Joe Burrage?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I’m afraid that name isn’t familar to me, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t meet. The other day I looked at an old picture of the men in my division on that cruise and couldn’t remember most of their names. But please tell your dad, “Welcome Home!” . . . 🙂 ]

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