Government and Big Pharma Organize Huge Marijuana Farms

(David Downs, East Bay Express, 25 May 2011
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Despite the US government’s staunch opposition to medical cannabis farms in Oakland and elsewhere, the feds have begun licensing a whole lot of large legal pot grows throughout the country. But this weed is not for cannabis dispensaries and their patients; it’s for Big Pharma.  . . . The Drug Enforcement Administration told Legalization Nation in an e-mail last week that 55 unnamed companies now hold licenses to grow cannabis in the United States, a fact that contradicts the widespread belief that there is only one legal pot farm in America, operated under the DEA for research purposes.  It appears as if the upswing in federally approved pot farming is about feeding the need of pharmaceutical companies who want to produce a generic version of THC pill Marinol and at least one other cannabis-based pill for a wide variety of new uses.  . . . In other words, if big corporations grow dope with the government and put it in a pill, it’s medicine.  But if you grow it at home or at a city-permitted pot farm and then put it in a vaporizer, it’s a felony. . . . Drug companies want to bring generic THC and CBD to new markets, and have requested that the DEA allow them to grow pot and put organic THC and CBD in pills, according to DEA records posted online last fall.  But that requires the DEA to move organic THC down from Schedule I, where it is now, to Schedule III, where synthetic THC Marinol currently is. . . . According to DEA records, drug companies have requested just such a rescheduling. It appears as if they’re likely to get it at any time, green-lighting a new generation of prescription pot pill farms. . . . The federal government has already boosted its marijuana production capability by 900 percent to 4.5 million grams, according documents obtained by Americans for Safe Access.  The most famous federally approved pot grower, Dr.  Mahmoud El Sohly, has also testified he has begun legally selling THC extracted from his Mississippi pot farm to the drug company Mallinckrodt. . . . Big Pharma’s move on the pot industry isn’t some forty-year-old hippie conspiracy theory, said Paul Armentano, spokesman for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.  It’s here.

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  1. Frances Said,

    August 12, 2011 @ 9:11 am

    Just my opinion but I feel like tobacco really needs to be illegal and pot legal. If the Country Of America legalized marihauna chances are they may eventually find themselves right out the “Red” and in to the “Green”.

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