Ethan Nadelmann: The Real Drug Czar

The most influential man in the battle for legalization is a wonky intellectual in dad jeans

(TIM DICKINSON, Rolling Stone,
JUNE 06, 2013)

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The driving force for the legalization of marijuana in America – a frenetic, whip-smart son of a rabbi who can barely tell indica from sativa – has just entered enemy territory. Ethan Nadelmann, the executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, is here in California’s crucible of conservatism, Orange County, to talk about the failure of the War on Drugs and why the government should leave pot smokers alone. As a grizzled ex-DEA agent glares at him from the audience of a lecture hall on the campus of U.C. Irvine, it’s clear that this crowd has not gathered to celebrate cannabis culture. And that’s just the way Nadelmann likes it.

Today, thanks in large part to Nadelmann’s efforts, pot is fully legal in two states and available medically in 16 others. “He is the single most influential policy entrepreneur on any domestic issue,” says John DiIulio, a longtime drug warrior and tough-on-crime academic who has recently come around to Nadelmann’s side on marijuana policy. “He wore me down,” DiIulio says. “What can I say?”

[COMMENT by Lorenzo] This is a somewhat long article, but very much worth the time to read. Here are some of the topics that are covered:
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Also, you can listen to a talk given by Ethan Nadelmann in my Podcast 208 – “It’s Time To End The War on Drugs”

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  1. Bonpsy Said,

    July 27, 2013 @ 11:16 am

    Hi Lorenzo..
    I was hoping you could hook me up with a trusting psychedelic warrior that I could private message & share my research with ! I’m a true psychedelic freedom fighting hippie at heart, but I’ve been hanging out with many different crowds from all over the world & just recently came to the realisation that they’ve all been selling x to kids on the streets. It was only after seeing vandals damage some beautiful old art & music equipment that I took a good look around & realised there was chaos everywhere, & its all connected. I’m still pretty shaken up about what I have discovered, & its a lot that I have discovered too. Please help, I don’t have anyone else I can trust.
    Thanks Peace n Love…

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