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Obama plans to arrest state medical marijuana workers

(Stephen C. Webster, The Raw Story, May 4, 2011 )
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A recent letter from the Department of Justice (DOJ), threatening state employees in charge of implmenting medical marijuana laws with prosecution, has forced some governors to re-evaluate and even veto popular legislation — all seemingly in violation of what the medical marijauana community thought was a cease-fire with the federal government. . . . Ultimately, the administration’s confusing legal position has led to a stagnation of medical marijuana reform efforts, with some states simply deciding it’s not worth the risk. . . . It also represents a significant change in momentum for the prohibition reform movement as a whole, and one that’s taken them almost entirely by surprise. . . . Meanwhile, the DOJ’s letters are expected in other states too, posing a sobering argument that if governors are wary of waging legal battles with the feds to keep their employees out of jail, they should instead keep them far away from any and all private producers of medical marijuana. . . . But it’s not just state workers who DOJ is currently targeting in its efforts to end the sale of marijuana for medical uses. As previously reported [9], the DOJ is coming after licensed growers and dispensaries with a very old tool: the tax code. . . . NORMAL’s executive director St. Pierre told Raw Story that this marked a change in tactics for the Justice Department. . . . Chasing after medical marijuana dispensaries not with SWAT teams, but with tax attorneys [9], he said, was “like what they did to Al Capone” and represented a significant change in tactics for the DOJ.

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The Obama administration has attacked medical-marijuana providers on several fronts. Since January 2010, it has staged more than 90 raids on dispensaries and growers, according to figures collected by the patient-advocacy group Americans for Safe Access. That represents a pace double the Bush administration’s, says ASA spokesperson Kris Hermes.

Below is a video of Obama in 2008 telling one of the lies that caused people to vote for him, myself included. I would rather not vote in 2012 than to ever give this turncoat another vote of mine.

Around 2 minutes and 10 seconds into this interview Obama says, “What I’m not going to be doing is using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue [medical marijuana].” From the article above it is obvious that he was lying. So remember that if you vote for him in 2012 just because he is the lesser of two evils, you are voting for a lier.

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The Global Economy Depends Upon Laundering Drug Money

(Ed Vulliamy The Observer, 3 April 2011)
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On 10 April 2006, a DC-9 jet landed in the port city of Ciudad del Carmen, on the Gulf of Mexico, as the sun was setting. Mexican soldiers, waiting to intercept it, found 128 cases packed with 5.7 tons of cocaine, valued at $100m. But something else – more important and far-reaching – was discovered in the paper trail behind the purchase of the plane by the Sinaloa narco-trafficking cartel. . . . During a 22-month investigation by agents from the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and others, it emerged that the cocaine smugglers had bought the plane with money they had laundered through one of the biggest banks in the United States: Wachovia, now part of the giant Wells Fargo. . . . The authorities uncovered billions of dollars in wire transfers, traveller’s cheques and cash shipments through Mexican exchanges into Wachovia accounts. Wachovia was put under immediate investigation for failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering programme. Of special significance was that the period concerned began in 2004, which coincided with the first escalation of violence along the US-Mexico border that ignited the current drugs war. . . . » Continue reading “The Global Economy Depends Upon Laundering Drug Money”

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Breaking Convention: a UK conference on psychedelic consciousness

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Is Obama a hypocrite or just a liar?

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Psychedelic icon Owsley Stanley dies in Australia

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Owsley “Bear” Stanley, a 1960s counterculture figure who flooded the flower power scene with LSD and was an early benefactor of the Grateful Dead, died in a car crash in his adopted home country of Australia on Sunday, his family said. He was believed to be 76. . . . The renegade grandson of a former governor of Kentucky, Stanley helped lay the foundation for the psychedelic era by producing more than a million doses of LSD at his labs in San Francisco’s Bay Area. . . . “He made acid so pure and wonderful that people like Jimi Hendrix wrote hit songs about it and others named their band in its honor,” former rock ‘n’ roll tour manager Sam Cutler wrote in his 2008 memoirs “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” . . . Hendrix’s song “Purple Haze” was reputedly inspired by a batch of Stanley’s product, though the guitarist denied any drug link. The ear-splitting blues-psychedelic combo Blue Cheer took its named from another batch. . . . Stanley briefly managed the Grateful Dead, and oversaw every aspect of their live sound at a time when little thought was given to amplification in public venues. His tape recordings of Dead concerts were turned into live albums. . . . » Continue reading “Psychedelic icon Owsley Stanley dies in Australia”

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Federal Goons Steal Marijuana Crop At Gunpoint

(Phillip Smith,, December 08, 2010)
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Heavily-armed state and federal lawmen raided a pair of medical marijuana gardens in the town of Okemos, outside Lansing, breaking windows, throwing smoke grenades, and seizing thousands of dollars worth of equipment and medical marijuana plants — all in a raid of a facility that is undeniably within the confines of Michigan’s medical marijuana law. . . . “This was an operation of the state police and the DEA,” said Detroit medical marijuana activist Tim Beck. “The state police couldn’t even get a warrant from a local judge, so the DEA had to get one from a federal judge in Grand Rapids. The state police claim that they are captives of the local prosecutor, but in this case, the local prosecutor didn’t cooperate with them, so they went around him to the feds.” . . .  » Continue reading “Federal Goons Steal Marijuana Crop At Gunpoint”

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The Hypocrisy of the Medical Marijuana Community

I realize that my opinion will alienate many of my friends who are medical marijuana advocates, but I found their anti-Prop 19 position to be hypocritical, misguided, and ultimately racist. Here is why.

While vigorously pushing their supporters to vote for a particular candidate for Attorney General, they stood on the sidelines in the fight to end prohibition. Basically, their attitude seemed to be that they already have their good thing going and they didn’t want anyone to muddy their pristine waters. Cowards!

Here is part of what one of these groups had to say in a recent email message:

Medical cannabis patients and allies have apparently defeated Steve Cooley’s bid to become the next California Attorney General, although the final decision in this tight race has not been certified. In defeating the medical cannabis opponent, patients and allies have protected years of progress in establishing safe access, and proved that they are a powerful voting bloc in state politics. . . . [We] launched the “Not Cooley” campaign because we knew Steve Cooley would use the Office of Attorney General to dismantle the gains made by medical cannabis patients over the past fourteen years. Cooley would certainly have fought against patients’ rights in court, repealed the current Attorney General’s medical cannabis guidelines, and opposed sensible regulation. But we stood up to Cooley’s harmful agenda and made a difference. Now elected officials know that when you oppose medical cannabis, there is a political price to pay! . . . Our members and allies did an amazing job! We distributed tens-of-thousands of posters, flyers and stickers statewide. [We] and our allies sent millions of emails. Our viral videos helped frame the debate, and we reached a nationwide audience with our message – including an important Election Day op-ed on the influential Huffington Post! . . . This is a big victory for patients.

A few comments about those statements:

It seems to me that ALL cannabis supporters and not just the medical cannabis patients came together to defeat Cooley. The non-patient population most definitely helped and voted to support the medical users. However, a significant number of those same medical users failed (refused?) to support the rest of the cannabis community. To the average pot smoker this came across as “I’ve got mine so fuck you.”

Have we come to a moment in the War on Drugs where we have quit pushing for an end to prohibition and now the only function of advocacy groups is to “protect years of progress”?

Granted, it was an “amazing job” of defeating Cooley, but that same amazing job did nothing, absolutely nothing, to help those who still can’t afford the price of getting what is essentially a Get Out Of Jail Free Card from a doctor and thus are still being arrested for simple possession (61,000 of them in California alone in 2009, overwhelmingly young Black and Latino kids).

In the struggle to end prohibition you are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem. Sadly, it seems that the medical marijuana community (and the handful of rich growers in Northern California) have become part of the problem. Divide and conquer has always worked for the screwheads in power, and now it appears that they have also divided the cannabis community. … So screw politics. Support your neighborhood grower!

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Obama Administration Cheers Defeat of Prop 19

(Michael Whitney,, November 3, 2010 )
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Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske issued a two-sentence statement applauding the defeat of Prop 19:

“Today, Californians recognized that legalizing marijuana will not make our citizens healthier, solve California’s budget crisis, or reduce drug related violence in Mexico,” read the statement. “The Obama administration has been clear in its opposition to marijuana legalization because research shows that marijuana use is associated with voluntary treatment admissions for addiction, fatal drugged driving accidents, mental illness and emergency room admissions.”

Aside from none of that being true, it’s clear that the Obama Administration will continue to stand in the way of marijuana legalization efforts in 2012. The drug warriors are dug in, and will keep their $1 trillion war going at all costs.

Don’t forget to catch the video Just Say Now’s petition delivery to Kerlikowske to end the war on marijuana.

Dump Obama in 2o12

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Prop 19 Got More Votes Than Every Major GOP Candidate

(Jon Walker,, November 3, 2010)
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With 97.1 percent reporting (results by county), there were 3,359,776 votes for the measure (46.2%) and 3,906,895 votes against (53.8%). The measure lost by 7.6 percent, which is significant but not particularly large for ballot measure.

Prop 19 was more popular than the statewide Republican candidates

Despite this being one of the best years nationally for Republicans in decades, more Californians actually voted for Prop 19 than for the Republican candidates in the top four statewide races. In the Governor’s race, Meg Whitman got only 3,029,919 votes (41.2% of the vote), in the Senate race, Carly Fiorina got 3,094,338 votes (42.5%), in the Lieutenant Governor’s race, Abel Maldonado got 2,812,582 votes (39.4%), and in the race for Attorney General, Steve Cooley got only 3,215,104 votes (45.6%). A quarter of a million more voters supported Prop 19 than they did any of the major Republicans on the ballot.

Support for Prop 19 statewide in California is apparently less “fringe” than support for the Republican Party.

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Smart People Do More Drugs–Because of Evolution

(HEATHER HORN, The Atlantic Wire, November 01, 2010)
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Evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa has this theory, which he calls the Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis. Here’s how it goes: intelligence evolved as a way to deal with “evolutionary novelties”–to help humans respond to things in their environment to which they were, as a species, unaccustomed. Thus, smart people are more likely to deal with new things and try them. Those new things seem to include drugs.
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